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Well, my name is Lucas Modena (if it has not been clear yet), I'm a "gaucho" from Porto Alegre (Brazil), I'm 41 years old, married, and the owner of two cats: Bartolomeu and Maximiliano.

Obviously none of this matters to you, right? Well, I've been programming languages for the Internet for about 23 years and still do it today simply because it's what I love doing.

The internet started to become popular when the time came to choose my career, and I realized that a big change in how communication happens in the world was coming, and wanted to be part of it. And here I am!

Sobre Lucas Módena

I've worked for some agencies here in Porto Alegre, which I'm really proud of. I was part of great teams, had fantastic colleagues who taught me a lot, and thanks to them I carry all the knowledge I have today.

I also had a great experience working at one of the greatest web agencies in Dublin Ireland, which was a great learning and life experience.

Now let's get down to business...


What can I do for your agency?

I slice! I am a front-end developer and transform designs into internet pages with skill and quality that will surprise you.

And I'm a programmer too! Yep, I am also a back-end PHP developer and although it is no longer my main service, I am originally a programmer and love to make a good code and see it working.


  • HTML/CSS slicing
    Agencies send me a beautiful design and I slice it in HTML, CSS, and Javascript with care and great attention to the smallest details.

  • PHP Programming
    I program in PHP with MySQL database. I make websites, systems, and do various maintenance for new or existing projects.

  • jQuery
    It's the Javascript library that I use. I have great knowledge of the functions and possibilities, but I also turn quite well with pure JS.

  • SEO
    The priorities of my code are organization and semantics. Combined with the correct tags, it makes your site clear and readable for search engines.


Probably outdated :)

My full portfolio isn't here!
Although I do eventually work for final customers, the vast majority of my work is for agencies that rely on my services.

To have access to my full and (almost) updated portfolio, please send an email to lucas@lucasmodena.com requesting an access link.

My team

An optimized team composed of a human and two felines.

I have a properly designed office for me to work on my codes with comfort, agility and... cats!

Because working alone helps on the concentration, organization and in comfort. But let's face it, it's nice to have some company, right?

Lucas Módena
Lucas Módena
Web Developer
Another cat

Digital agencies

Let's speed up the development of your websites? FAQ:

How does your slicing job work?

The assembly of the site's HTML, also called slicing, is a step normally assigned to a single professional. It's a fairly independent step needing very little interaction with the rest of the design and programming staff. But even so, it is of utmost importance. It's how your site will be presented to visitors!

So why not leave this stage in charge of a professional SPECIALIZED in slicing and assembly? When the design is approved, send it right to me! I'll do the slicing and make it ready for the programming team. An HTML/CSS/Javascript well coded, organized, and above all with a faithful resemblance to the original design - to the smallest details!

Do you also do back-end programming?

Yeah! I’ve been a PHP/MySQL programmer for many years, almost since the beginning of my career. I do back-end code for some sites, but my availability for this type of service is a little narrower.

With high demand for slicing services that are quicker and require less interaction with the agency the PHP services are not always available. I can't always pick up programming projects or systems, but be sure to talk to me first as I will do my best to serve you.

I work with plain PHP. I don't usually use frameworks or get large projects. I like being able to do several small projects and make as many agencies happy as possible.

What about design?

As an interface programmer I obviously know how to use the main tools: XD, Photoshop and Fireworks.

However, I am NOT a designer. As I encourage agencies to outsource their front-end services to me, I also encourage you to use an equally competent designer. I strongly recommend that every step of the site must be made by someone who masters it to perfection - an expert, so that the end result be the best possible without weaknesses.

What about Wordpress?

Nope! I used to work with Wordpress until recently, but stopped working with it and opted to make sites with my own administrative interface.


Let's talk!


Preferably use this email to contact me.
If you have a project or need something more specific, please send all possible information to speed up the process.


WhatsApp chat within business hours (GMT -3), depending on availability (the priority is always be up to date with my clients). This number does not work for conventional phone calls or app calls, just chat. Avoid sending audio messages as I will only listen to them at the end of the day.